Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where did I go?

Sorry for the lack of blog posts here.  I wanted this to be a super awesome blog for families looking for their kiddos and educating folks about HIV, adoption, etc.  So hopefully by this weekend - my blog will look fab and actually have info on it.  lol.  I am behind in a few things here.  I make blankets for Project Linus (blankets for seriously ill children in hospitals or kiddos in shelters that need a "warm hug") - promoted to 2nd Lt. in Civil Air Patrol, looking for a new job in a state we might move to, and of course Miss Olivia sure keeps us busy.

So look for a new bloggy look with actual info on it by this weekend!

I do want to say that little Polina has a mama and papa coming for her.  She is being adopted with another little cutie.  Oh how my heart is so happy for her!  She seems like a fun little energizer bunny.  There is a little boy in Olivia's groupa that my heart cries for.  Please pray his grandmother will release him for adoption - and that a family comes forward for him quickly.  He will transfer VERY soon to a boarding school.  He is a tiny little thing like Olivia and I just can't stand the thought of him "getting lost" in the system over there.  Pray Kristopher finds a mama...and soon!

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