Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pauline has a family!

I was soooo happy to hear from Pauline's new mama that they were coming for her AND Charlotte!  They are going to keep their new family busy - lol - who needs caffeine?  I'm so happy right now.  I wish I could tell Olivia that her friend has a family - but she would probably think she is coming to live here.  Maybe when she understands English a little better.

Now we have to find a family for James and Carolyn.  I say they should go as brother and sister.  Just look at them - mischievious little munchkins just waiting for a family to spring them loose.  Carolyn weighs heavily on my heart as she was one of the little girls we were considering.  James spent about 45 minutes or so in the same room as us during visit one day to Olivia's baby house.  He is ALL boy and soooo adorable.  There are 3 in Olivia's baby house that I would of taken home with Olivia - um, if we had a bigger house, more money, and oh yeah - the hubby would have to agree lol.  He said two kids is enough.  Darn.  :)

I only have about a dozen followers here, so feel free to cross post, write your own blog about these two, etc.  They are transferring soon and with kids going to different places - who knows where they will end up!