Saturday, February 19, 2011

Olivia's Friend needs a family!

I thought I'd show Olivia a couple pictures of the kiddos from her groupa.  I showed her the Parker's handsome boy.  Showed her Kristopher's pic.  She was a little interested, but not excited.  Then I scrolled down to Pauline.  "Mama!  Poleeeeeena!  Mama!  Mine!" -  she smacked me in the chest (hard by the way), pointed to Polina's picture and said "nim!" - which is her word for mine.  I asked her if that was her friend and she said a resounding YES!  She then said, "polina DOM!  mama DOM!" - Through gestures and some of her Olivia-isms I managed to decipher that she wants Polina to have a home and a mama.  And a cat.  lol.  As soon as she said cat, she took off to find hers, then moved on to destroying the playroom in typical Olivia fashion.  Have I ever mentioned this girl has no attention span?  The ONLY thing she sits still long enough for is food and watching her Wiggles DVD (well, and even then she is moving).  Polina will be transferring in the near future to a "boarding school" - granted it's a place that will clothe her, feed her, give her some kind of an education and shelter her - but  it's no way a substitute for a family folks.  This little beauty needs a mama and papa soon.  If you have any questions about Polina or any of the other kids at the same baby house (33 on Reeces Rainbow) - post your message in the comments section or you can email me. 

Please, someone save Olivia's little friend.  Polina needs a castle to call her own.

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  1. That is so cute :) I think this blog post should be shared far and wide because that is how these children find families. I SO wish we knew more about P, but if an interested family would like additional pictures, please let me know.