Sunday, January 30, 2011

These children are at risk of transfer

Beautiful little Carolyn is in an Eastern Europe orphanage and is facing transfer to a "boarding school" soon.  She will be "lost" in the system and age out at 16 years old.  Most children end up on the streets and cannot afford the medication they need to survive.  Please consider one of the children listed below, Carolyn and James would make a great sibling set!

You can find out more about James and Carolyn by going here: and here

The picture below was taken on Olivia's Gotcha Day.   Olivia is our new daughter.  Bitter sweet moment.  Super excited that our daughter left the orphanage, but saddened to see all the ones left behind.  Carolyn and James would make any family whole - please consider them...don't let them get "lost" and never know the love of a family.


  1. Nice new blog. Looks like I'm your first follower.:)

  2. Good job, Kris! These sweet children deserve all the attention they can get. Thank you for bringing them to the forefront. Keep up the good work!